Thursday 2 July 2009


Rex Whistler excelled in many fields of the arts - book illustrator, theatre designer, muralist, portrait painter, caricaturist etc. He also designed several posters. This is a preliminary list. (The London Transport posters are reproduced with kind permission. Their site is at My thanks also to Keith Fletcher & Rachel Campbell for supplying the Age of Walnut & Four Georges images respectively.

1. LONDON MUSEUM 1928. 101.5 x 63.5cms. London Transport. Polychromatic.

2. THE TATE GALLERY 1928. London Transport. 101.5 x 63.5cms. Polychromatic.

3. THE FOUR GEORGES 1930. 101 x 63cms. Polychromatic.

4. AGE OF WALNUT 1932. 76 x 51cms. Printed in yellow, brown, orange & red.

5. VALE OF AYLESBURY 1933. 76 x 114cms. Shell Lorry Bill. Polychromatic.

6. ENGLISH WOMEN'S CLOTHING 1934. 76 x 51cms. Printed in green, black & red.

7. REUNION IN VIENNA 1934. Not seen. It is possible that the design used was the same as that for the souvenir programme (shown below).

8. VICTORIA REGINA 1935. Not seen. This was first staged in New York, as it was deemed unshowable in London. The death of George V changed that, and it was performed in London in 1937.

9. PRIDE and PREJUDICE 1936. St James's Theatre. 51 x 32cms. Polychromatic.

10. VICTORIA REGINA 1937. 76 x 51cms. Not seen. This was staged in London. I do not know if the same design was used as in the New York production. It is possible that the design of the souvenir booklet (shown below) was used as a poster.

The poster below has come to light. 223 x 102cms. Printed in brown. The size of the small poster does not correlate with this, so I will stick with my suggestion above for the smaller poster for the time being.

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