Thursday 6 September 2018


Edward Ardizzone was a prolific book illustrator who also did commercial work, including some posters. Below are a list of the posters I know about that are original poster designs. There are other posters, such as some exhibition posters, where an existing image is used. I have not included these. Nor have I included items which are sometimes called posters but which I regard as prints e.g. the Guinness Fattest Woman and the image in the School Print series.

1. These Men Use Shell 1938 76 x 114cms. Shell. Polychromatic.


 2. The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby 1947. 150 x 49cms. Ealing Studios. Polychromatic. Also issued in a horizontal version of 76 x 101cms and a series of 4 different images of 74 x 59cms.
NOTES: The above posters were all lithographs. It seems rather extraordinary to do 6 different posters for one film. There also exists a smaller format (28 x 43cms) press advert of the horizontal image but this is a line drawing with added colour, rather than drawn lithographically, and it shows some alterations to the composition.

3. The Strand 1947. I had this small poster once but do not have an image. It may have just used one of his Strand covers rather than being an original design. It was also printed on linen!


4. The Magnet 1950. 75 x 50cms. Ealing Studios. Polychromatic. Also issued in landscape format of 74 x 100cms and in a smaller format of 55 x 70cms

5. London Group 1951. 78 x 52.5cms. London Group. Red and black.


6. Guinness for Strength. 1954. 75 x 101cms. Also came in a large vertical format 152 x 101cms.  There are some differences in the 2 images, but whether it was re-drawn by Ardizzone or by the lithographer I'm not sure.There was also a longer horizontal poster with the image reversed (size unknown, although I believe it was in 64 sheets!).

7. Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 1969. 76 x 51cms. Royal Academy. Sepia, pink and bluish green.

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